Satori 7 Chakras Healing Earrings

Focus your Chakras by aligning the 7 crystals with each energy center within your body. Perfect earrings for those that are newly exploring the benefits of crystal healing.

Our powerful "Satori 7 Chakras Healing Earrings" Heal and Revitalize Your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Chakra Crystals are an essential part of chakra balancing and healing, they can be used during meditation, placed directly on the chakras, or simply carried with you throughout the day to feel their healing elements.

There are specific crystals that heal and balance each chakra. Chakra points are aligned along the spinal column and are connected to specific glands and organs in the body.

  • Type: earrings
  • Root Chakra - Red Ageta: security, stability, grounding.
  • Crown Chakra - Amethyst: enlightenment, wisdom, universal consciousness.
  • Third Eye Chakra - Lapis Lazuli: clarity, intuition, connection.
  • Throat Chakra - Blue Aquamarine: communication, self-expression, truth.
  • Heart Chakra - Green Aventurine: empathy, love, compassion.
  • Solar plexus Chakra - Tiger Eye: confidence, self-esteem, control.
  • Sacral Chakra - Orange Aventurine: creativity, synchronicity, balance emotions.
  • Fair Trade & Fully Handmade

Because of the delicate nature of jewelry, any damage caused by wear and tear will not be replaced. Please follow the guidelines listed below to ensure your jewelry will not be damaged.

  • Always remove your jewelry before swimming, showering, bathing, or cleaning with household chemicals, especially bleach or ammonia.
  • Be sure to apply hairspray, creams, makeup, or fragrance prior to putting on your jewelry.
  • Do not expose leather jewelry to water or any form of moisture, and always make sure your plated jewelry is dry prior to storing - moisture leads to natural tarnish.

We take pride in every single piece we offer. When you buy from us you know it has been made with the utmost attention to detail that we are sure you will love.

* Our curations are fully handmade in accordance with ancient tradition. Some items may show a natural variance in color and shape: but remember that your curations are one-of-a-kind and unique to you!

* Our artisans produce our curations in small batches: there are no large factories and assembly lines! This means supplies are limited, and restocks are not guaranteed. If you see something you like here or anywhere in our store, we recommend securing it immediately to avoid disappointment and long waits.

Satori Jewelry believes in social awareness and in giving back to our community. As an international brand dedicated to uniting cultures and promoting wellness, together, we are making the world a happy place.

Satori Jewelry supports the Ramana's Garden FoundationRamana's Garden holds the vision that every child in India, regardless of caste, creed, or social-economic background, has the right to quality education, proper nutrition, and primary healthcare.

Their goal is to empower every child growing up here to take risks, to grow into an integrated and unique person, to foster a sense of compassion, and to obtain skills with which to secure a valuable position in the job market.

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